Stories from the Front Lines

Searching for SOLUTIONS & Sharing EXPERIENCES

Stories from the Front Lines

On a good day, Alison, a middle school student, was indifferent about math. On a bad day, she could not stand it. After receiving prescriptive math instruction utilizing Making Math Real methods, she sees math in a whole new way. Check out this short animated film where she expresses her feelings about the difference a good picture can make:

Several years ago I introduced you to the “Changing Lives” section of Making Math Real’s website. We launched this special page of the website to provide relief and support for those who have been searching for solutions and a forum for sharing experiences to help those who feel isolated and alone to know how common the struggle is and how difficult it can be to find the solutions they need.

I am very pleased to announce that the number of stories on the Changing Lives webpage has quadrupled since it was initially launched! I want to thank both the dedicated teachers and parents who have written in to MMR to share their wonderful stories of success and those who have reported back letting us know of their ongoing successes in the face of their many obstacles and challenges. I also want to celebrate the many students of all ages who have written to me personally and agreed to openly share their letters in the hope of helping other kids like themselves.

Please visit Changing Lives to find inspiration, to learn from others who are paving the way, and to know that you are not alone in your valiant efforts to advocate, teach, and learn how to make math real for your students and your children.

I encourage everyone, those who have yet to send us their story as well as those who have already sent one or more, to SUBMIT YOUR STORY to MMR to join and bolster our community of dedicated parents, educators and students who strive for authentic success. I want all of you to know your stories of success provide the best evidence basis for those just starting on the path toward finding a solution, and have given, and continue to give, significant hope for those feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, and demoralized by circumstances and problems that can feel impossible to solve. One of the best ways we can contribute to effecting positive change is by letting the world know a solution exists.

Thank you for sharing,

David Berg, ET Founder & Director, Making Math Real Institute

Published on: November 22nd, 2017

An Invitation to Share

In reflecting back over the 20 years since I decided to go public with the Making Math Real methods I had created, the most outstanding, consistent, and singular result has been the unsolicited responses from all of you sharing your excitement, passion, and deep reward in having changed the lives of your students/children, their families, and yours, too… Read more from the Blog…