Build Your Own Group Consultation Program

Build Your Own Group Consultation Program

The Build Your Own Group Consultation Program (BYOG)
Distance-Learning Format

The Making Math Real “Build Your Own Group” is a consultation-based program for groups of any size from individual participants to groups of any number. If forming a group of 2 or more participants, all group members must share a common baseline of completed courses, which will define the parameters of the content covered for each group.

“Office Hours”

The Build Your Own Group Consultation Program (BYOG) is like having access to a professor’s office hours during which participants can receive whatever support they need/want from David Berg, in any and all aspects of learning and applying MMR for a current course, any previous courses (group participants have in common), or extensions of content from any courses (group participants have in common). During MMR courses, there are frequent, good questions from participants spanning a wide range of requested information, which reflect a desire for deeper clinical understanding, specialized instruction not included in the courses, practical applications of MMR in the classroom or private practice, how to provide and interpret initial assessments, etc.

These kinds of questions typically require more time to respond to than is available during a course, and the BYOG Consultation Program can provide the platform and structure for David to answer these questions prescriptively and comprehensively. Benefits of the group sessions include the possibility of receiving a wider span of content and information and in defraying costs per person for group sessions: the greater the number of participants, the less the cost per person.

Build Your Own Group Information and Policies

If forming a group, the group must appoint a liaison to work with the office of the Institute to get the group approved and is responsible for organizing all aspects of scheduling session(s) and payment(s). All sessions must be prepaid by the liaison and MMR accepts credit cards, checks, and money orders for all sessions’ tuition. Pre-payment can be for any number of 1-hour sessions, and when available, sessions can be for 1 to up to 3-hours per session. All session fees are charged by the hourly rate set for individual participants, groups of 2 – 6, 7 – 12, 13, 14 – 17, and 18 – 48. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  It is never appropriate for participants to receive new and unstructured content. For example, if one member of the group has completed the Making Math Real: Algebra II course and asks a question about algebra 2 content, and another member has only completed the Making Math Real: Overview and Making Math Real: 9 Lines Intensive, it is not appropriate for the latter member to receive the response to the algebra 2 question as the response would be completely dissociated from all the structure required to make it meaningful and applicable for students. Therefore, prospective group members must first organize themselves around common courses completed and common goals/questions. In addition, as a consultation-based program, the Making Math Real “Build Your Own Group” is not structured or intended to present a new MMR course, rather, it is structured to provide any and all information and extensions relevant to current or previous course work.

Please contact the office of the Institute for scheduling and group pricing rates: [email protected].

SCHEDULING AND REFUND POLICY:  Once the desired number of sessions have been scheduled and pre-payment has been received, the dates will be officially reserved on David Berg’s calendar. Any participant and/or group canceling registration at any time or for any reason, after payment has been received, will NOT receive a refund. If MMR receives the cancellation at least 2 business days in advance of the scheduled date, rescheduling of the session(s) is permitted. If MMR cancels any session(s), all payments received will be fully refunded and/or credited back.