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Making Math Real provides intensive and comprehensive professional development, and to date, we have worked with thousands of educators nationwide.  In this capacity, we provide workshops, seminars and in-services that range from a 1-day introduction through a series of course work that spans over 700 hours of instruction.  Since we have touched so many thousands of educators in such a wide range of formats, we cannot possibly account for each educator’s development and proficiency.  And, unfortunately, there have been educators, who after only a 1-day introduction, have inappropriately advertised themselves as “Making Math Real trained.”

Consequently, we are unable to provide referrals for Making Math Real practitioners or publish lists of educators who have taken our courses.  We deeply empathize with parents who want to provide support for their children and would understandably request our help in locating professionally competent educators.  However, as in finding any qualified professional, there are no shortcuts.  Authentic word-of-mouth is still the best way to find the best-suited professional for your child.  Some of the links below provide lists of educators from which you can begin your research.  Please remember, it is the teaching, not the program that will provide success for your child.  The Making Math Real methods are the most comprehensive, systematic, and incrementalized in the world today.  However, an educator who merely takes a class does not guarantee that educator’s ability to teach these methods effectively.

Making Math Real is a clinical methodology, not a program or a curriculum, and therefore the effectiveness of its application is entirely based on the practitioner’s ability to be prescriptive to students’ processing indications and needs. Someone may have taken all the courses (the courses are not trainings) and passed an informational test, but this provides no basis for the individual’s ability to apply the methods to a variety of students with diverse processing styles. To be able to provide any form of certification that would imply such a qualitative statement would require the individual would have received, in addition to completing all the courses, sufficient supervision and mentoring as well as our ongoing observations of the individual under clinical conditions.

Just completing courses provides no basis for the quality of any practitioner, which is why we encourage word of mouth as the best available way for parents to know which practitioners are successful in their clinical applications of Making Math Real. Therefore, a certificate of completion could be misleading as to the quality of services provided, and we strongly encourage parents to do their due diligence whether finding a doctor, a therapist, or a Making Math Real practitioner.

Need help selecting the right service provider for your child?
Here are some helpful links to resourceful websites that provide guidelines for parents who are seeking help for their child. Please click on the links below if you need help finding the right questions to ask a potential tutor or educational therapist.

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Questions to ask the professionals:

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