Looking Forward to the Next 25 Years

A Focus on the Clinical Experience of Teaching Math:
New Expansions to Services Provided by
the Making Math Real Institute

Making Math Real is a Power Tool

Since 1996, expanding and evolving the transformative power of teaching math K-12… For those of you who know about the “power tool” in the exponent code, it’s the power transformer in a powers of 10 system that allows us to power count 1, 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000,… For the last 25 years, Making Math Real has been the power transformer for our students.

In looking forward to the next 25 years, the MMRI, in addition to continuing its focus on providing and expanding the 700 hours of seminars currently available, will present a new focus on providing significant support in helping MMR practitioners maximize their development as clinical math educators. I will be offering the following new structures to implement this new focus on the clinical development of MMR practitioners and all will be presented in a distance-learning format:

The Making Math Real Lab School Mentorship Program:

The highest level and most intensive and comprehensive experience in helping MMR practitioners become complete clinical math educators. The possibility of receiving certification from David Berg and the Making Math Real Institute can be an additional outcome of the MMR practitioner’s successful mentorship experience. The Lab School Mentorship Program (LSMP) is intended for highly experienced MMR practitioners and/or classroom teachers who have completed most or all of the MMR series of 12 courses, and most importantly, have been successfully practicing and applying MMR-based interventions at various levels and with students with diverse processing styles for two or more years. Full description coming soon.

The Making Math Real Supervision Program:

The Making Math Real Supervision Program is intended to support MMR practitioners at varying stages of their development from those who have completed at least the Making Math Real: Overview, K-12 and one additional major course such as the 9 Lines Intensive, The Four Operations & the 400 Math Facts, or Fractions, Decimals, and Advanced Place Value all the way to those who have completed all of the MMR courses, but are not yet ready for the Lab School Mentorship Program. The Supervision Program is less intensive than the Lab School Mentorship Program and is structured to help MMR practitioners successfully apply the MMR methods in correct alignment with students’ processing indications. Participant’s successful experience in the Making Math Real Supervision Program can provide the preparation needed for candidacy in the Lab School Mentorship Program. Full description coming soon.

Clinician’s Corner:

Clinician’s Corner will start out as a regularly scheduled monthly open discussion group in which will I respond to questions/requests from MMR practitioners. The intended format of Clinician’s Corner is to encourage questions and support pertaining to the clinical aspects of establishing and maintaining MMR-based interventions, specifically the development of the practitioner’s ability to clinically observe and interpret students’ affective and cognitive behaviors. Clinician’s Corner is structured for intermediate to advanced practitioners who have completed a baseline of coursework and have been applying MMR-based methods for students at various levels and diverse processing styles. Full description coming soon.

Making Math Real Intensive Mini-Courses:

A new and dedicated branch of the MMRI’s series of courses is the Mini-Intensives. Three Mini-Intensives, Long Division, Decimal Long Division, and Fractions on the Number Line & Decimals on the Number Line were presented in summer 2020, and two additional Mini-Intensives are scheduled for Spring 2021: Comparing and Ordering Fractions and Mental Percent Solving. The Mini-Intensives provide opportunities for participants to receive more expansive and in-depth integration of specific MMR content areas that are critically important as fundamentals, and extremely large in scope and incrementation. Based on the success of the Mini Intensives so far, the MMRI will continue to offer an ongoing series of these courses as a permanent inclusion within our regular series of 12 institute seminars. Full description coming soon.

Please Stay Tuned for Upcoming Full Descriptions

Please stay tuned in the coming months for the full descriptions of each new Making Math Real Institute structure as part of the ongoing series “Looking Forward to the Next 25 Years”. We are pleased and excited to begin implementing this new focus on the clinical development of MMR practitioners world wide.

Be well and stay healthy.

David Berg, E.T.
Founder & Director of the Making Math Real Institute
Creator of the Making Math Real Simultaneous Multisensory Structured Methods