Looking Forward to the Next 25 Years – Part 6

Part 6:
Personal Transformations: A Celebration and a Request

The entire reason I decided to go public with Making Math Real 25 years ago was to help effect positive changes in math education. Now, as part of celebrating 25 years of changing lives, I feel it is important to celebrate and acknowledge all the successful MMR participants who have provided so much positive educational service. Many of you over the years have expressed to me your personal transformations of growth and development as a result of helping others grow, develop, and achieve; and I believe the positive impact in changing your students’ lives and your personal transformations of growth and development are of equal value and benefit.

In celebration of those steadfast MMR practitioners, who in addition to changing the lives of their students, have also experienced their own personal transformations, I am sending out the request to share your stories of having experienced powerful, personal transformations as educators, clinicians, math learners, and as human beings. Your stories of personal transformation, like your stories of changing your students’ lives, will again provide invaluable inspiration and motivation for countless others seeking to help their children/students. Please feel free to remain anonymous as your stories need not include any identifying information (unless you want to). I hope to continue publishing your stories for years to come.

Next Up:
Introducing “Clinician’s Corner”

Clinician’s Corner will start out as a monthly online open discussion group via Zoom in which I will respond to questions/requests from MMR practitioners. The intended format of Clinician’s Corner is to encourage questions and support pertaining to the clinical aspects and applications of maintaining MMR-based interventions, specifically the development of practitioners’ abilities to engage their clinical observations and diagnostics of students’ affective and cognitive behaviors. Clinician’s Corner is structured and intended for intermediate through advanced practitioners who have completed a baseline of coursework and have been applying MMR-based methods for students at various levels and diverse processing styles.

So please stay tuned for the final installment of “Looking Forward to the Next 25 Years” for the full description of “Clinician’s Corner”, the exciting new inclusion in the Making Math Real Institute’s commitment to providing significant support in helping MMR practitioners maximize their development as clinical math educators.

Be well and stay healthy.

David Berg, E.T.
Founder & Director of the Making Math Real Institute
Creator of the Making Math Real Simultaneous Multisensory Structured Methods