It’s the TEACHING, Not the Program

All students need and deserve a well-trained teacher, because it’s the teaching that ensures success, not the program. This truth is the heart and soul that drives the vision and mission of the Making Math Real Institute. All of the time, effort, and integrity in creating, expanding, and sustaining the growth of the MMR simultaneous multisensory structured clinical methods exemplifies the focus, design and purpose of MMR: empower educators to foster success for all students.

A powerful example of the Making Math Real Institute’s vision and mission successfully applied comes from an article written by Karen Cavallaro who operates a learning center in Reno, Nevada, and has thus far completed 300 hours of MMR courses. The title of her article is “Living with Dyslexia: Are Math Programs the Answer?” published in the Summer 2017 edition of the International Dyslexia Association’s Dyslexia Connection.

Please read Ms. Cavallaro’s entire article here: dyslexia-are-math-programs- the-answer

Ms. Cavallaro’s article provides a wonderful and authentic experience of the successful outcomes when teaching is the focus, not the program. Using Ms. Cavallaro’s article as a starting point, I will publish an ongoing 10-part series of articles entitled: “It’s the Teaching that Ensures Success, Not the Program” in which I will explain what I intend by this statement and how we can achieve it.

“It’s the Teaching that Ensures Success, Not the Program”
Part 1: The Introduction