Making Math Real: Decimal Long Division Intensive

Making Math Real:  Decimal Long Division Intensive

  Online 5-day mini-course via Zoom

LAST OFFERING: Monday-Friday, June 15-19, 2020  |  9:00am to 1:00pm
Registration Fee: $499

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MANDATORY PREREQUISITE:  All students who enroll in this mini-course must have completed: Fractions, Decimals & Advanced Place Value

The focus of the Decimal Long Division Intensive will be on:

  • Refresh increasing and decreasing decimals by powers of 10 using multiplication and division
  • Intro to the “Decimal Bakery”: connecting whole number long division to decimal long division
  • Comprehensive incrementation for each of the 6 levels of Decimal Long Division for single and double-digit divisors
  • Extended focus on the concept applications for level III: decimals in the dividend
  • How to effectively use the supplemental MMR spiral binder, Decimal Long Division, Levels I-VI

Decimal Long Division Intensive Course Description

Decimal long division is intended for the latter part of 5th grade and requires students’ prior synthesis of the four operations with fractions and addition, subtraction, and multiplication with decimals as well as increasing and decreasing decimals by powers of 10, and most importantly, long division with whole numbers through level VIII. Decimal long division continues the same concept applications of whole number long division, but adds new extensions needed for decimal applications. Therefore, the increased cognitive demands of decimal long division require students’ comprehensive integration of whole number long division as its basis. If students have not yet fully integrated whole number long division through level VIII, the introduction of decimal long division is not indicated. It is not educationally tenable to try to teach the concept applications of long division within decimal long division. The integration of whole number long division must precede decimal long division.

There are six levels of decimal long division that account for all the combinations of divisors and dividends with and without decimals, single-and double-digit divisors, decimal quotient place value, repeating, non-terminating decimal quotients, and rounding quotients to specified places. The incrementation that structures each of the six levels of decimal long division is extensive.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Decimal long division requires full integration of whole number long division.  Therefore, participants will receive maximum benefit from this mini-course if they have already completed the Long Division unit in the 4 Operations & the 400 Math Facts course.

Required Course Materials:  The decimal long division section of the  Fractions, Decimals & Advanced Place Value course binder and all of your notes for decimal long division.   (already in participant’s possession)

Optional Supplemental Worksheet Binders:  Participant will also benefit from having these spiral worksheet master binders available:  Fractions I and Decimal Long Division Levels I-VI   (may be purchased if not already in possession)