List of Prerequisites

List of Prerequisites

MANDATORY PREREQUISITE:  The Making Math Real: Overview, K-12 is the required prerequisite for all MMR content courses.

Once the Overview, K-12 course has been completed, the following MMR courses can be taken at any time:

The following MMR content courses have additional mandatory prerequisites:

Strongly Recommended

Although the following courses are not required prerequisites, to maximize your time and content integration, it is strongly recommended to complete The 9 Lines Intensive prior to The 4 Operations and the 400 Math Facts and/or Fractions, Decimals, and Advanced Place Value as the 9 Lines methodology provides significant basis for the content in these courses. However, it is possible to complete The 9 Lines Intensive at a later time.

For Geometry Parts I and II, it is strongly recommended to have completed The 9 Lines Intensive and Kindergarten prior to enrolling in either Geometry Part I or Geometry Part II. The synthesis nature of geometry requires access to all the content from all relevant preceding Making Math Real courses.

Since the Games course is based entirely on MMR content, it is strongly recommended to have completed at least The 9 Lines Intensive, and/or The 4 Operations and The 400 Math Facts, and/or Fractions, Decimals, and Advanced Place Value prior to enrolling in the Games course. To maximize the benefit of this fun make-and-take course, the more MMR content taken, the better this class will be. Therefore, we strongly discourage enrolling in the Games course after only the Overview (the Overview is NOT a content course).

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