Intensive Mini-Courses

Intensive Mini-Courses

The online Intensive Mini-Courses are designed for participants seeking maximum support for learning Making Math Real concept-applications. David Berg created the Intensive Mini-Courses to provide additional opportunities for participants’ increased integration on specific MMR content areas that are critically important as fundamentals, and are extremely large in scope and incrementation. Although the original 11 content courses that contain the content selected for the Intensive Mini-Courses provide sufficient coverage of the content, and are ready to apply directly with students, the Intensive Mini-Courses provide a slowed-down instructional delivery and increased time to focus on the respective concept-applications presented, which expands the time given to each Intensive Mini-Course content area from a few hours in the regular courses to up to 16 to 24 hours in the Intensive Mini-Courses.

The Making Math Real online Intensive Mini-Courses provide rare opportunities for receiving specialized content that is not presented in the regular courses – ONCE OFFERED, EACH INTENSIVE MINI-COURSE MAY NOT RETURN TO MMR’S CALENDAR FOR COURSES FOR SEVERAL YEARS. They are not to be missed.

The selection of content areas to present in the Intensive Mini-Courses is culled from all 11 of the Making Math Real Series of Courses.  This means the Making Math Real Institute intends to present a large variety of different Intensive Mini-Courses in the series.  Please note that once an Intensive Mini-Course has been offered, it is likely not be offered again for two to three years. For example, three previous Intensive Mini-Courses offered in summer 2020, Long Division, Fractions On the Number Line and Decimals On the Number Line, and Decimal Long Division all of which are extremely valuable content areas will not be offered again for two to three years. Do not miss out on these rare opportunities. 

CLICK on the MINI-COURSE TITLES below to expand full descriptions of each courses’ content and topics:

Mental Math Intensive
The Mental Math Intensive Mini-Course will provide an unprecedented focus on purely mental math applications that have never been presented in any Making Math Real course to date, which include incremental progressions of mental math applications and development focusing on the expansions of the math facts across the four operations to support mental multi-digit problem solving.

Comparing & Ordering Fractions Intensive
The 4 styles of comparing, ordering, and rounding proper and mixed fractions mentally and the 8 levels of comparing and ordering proper and mixed fractions mathematically.

Mental Percent Problem Solving Intensive
Comprehensive mental solving strategies for solving for part, total, and percent as well as solving for all combinations involving percent change: percent increase and percent decrease.

Long Division Intensive
The 8 levels of single and double-digit divisors with whole numbers.

Decimal Long Division Intensive
Extending from the 8 levels of single and double-digit divisors concept-applications from whole number long division, this course provides the extensions for the concept-applications of the additional 6 levels of decimal long division.

Fractions on the Number Line & Decimals on the Number Line Intensive
The 16 levels of synthesis applications for developing fraction and decimal magnitude, sequencing and numeration.


Attendance in an Intensive Mini-Course requires participants to have previously completed or currently be enrolled in the course(s) from which the content has been selected.  Since each Intensive Mini-Course requires participants to have already learned the baseline fundamental concept-applications in their respective regular courses, each participant should have their respective class notes for the designated content, and therefore, those class notes will be a part of the required “readers” for the course.  In addition to the class notes, there may be additional materials/readers required for each Intensive Mini-Course.  All such additional materials/readers will be provided by the MMRI by US mail* prior to the start of each Intensive Mini-Course, and all of these additional materials/readers will be covered in the price of enrollment.

*Please note that MMRI copyright policy does not allow for any form of digital files, so all materials/readers must be mailed in hard copy form.

Consequently, please enroll in an online Intensive Mini-Courses as early as possible and at least one to two weeks prior to their respective start dates as this will allow sufficient time for material/readers to be mailed and received prior the start of each class.
Enrollment will be open through the day prior to each Intensive Mini-Course however, participants who enroll at the last minute may not receive mailed materials* by the start of class and Express mailing is not available.

*Materials such as manipulatives, colored markers, note taking paper, etc., are provided by each participant, not the MMRI.

In support of those who need to continue to be close by and available to family and job, as well as reducing the stress and extra cognitive demands of interacting with computer screens for extended periods of time, the daily mini-course Zoom schedule will only be half days from 9:00 AM – 1:00 or 1:30 PM.


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