Making Math Real: Games!

Making Math Real: Games!

2-Day “in-person” Course  |  9:00am to 5:00pm daily
Registration Fee:  $499 for tuition & materials binder
1 optional academic units  
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MANDATORY PREREQUISITE:  All participants must have completed the Making Math Real: Overview, K-12 course prior to enrolling in this course.

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED:  Since the Games course is based entirely on MMR content, it is strongly recommended to have completed at least The 9 Lines Intensive, and/or The 4 Operations and The 400 Math Facts, and/or Fractions, Decimals, and Advanced Place Value prior to enrolling in the Games course. To maximize the benefit of this fun make-and-take course, the more MMR content taken, the better this class will be. Therefore, we strongly discourage enrolling in the Games course after only the Overview (the Overview is NOT a content course).

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This fun, “in-person” hands-on course will demonstrate how to create, apply, and play high interest games to provide prescriptive practice and development for the learning of any math content. These games are a practical and essential component for maximizing concept-procedure integration and sensory cognitive development (the 2 Strands of the Making Math Real approach).

This 2-day course offering is designed to show how to effectively implement and integrate games within any learning environment.  Focus will be on learning to turn any math content into a prescriptive game across all grade levels.  In addition, participants will learn the methods to support student development in each game through prescriptive prompting language and incrementation of the material.

Topics include how to make, play and manage indoor and outdoor games including card games, board games; and games with spinners and dice.  Outdoor games include ball games, court games, jump rope games, bean bag games, and many more.  In addition, course participants will learn to configure these games for whole-class, small group, and individual students.  The methods and techniques are designed to support the full diversity of processing styles.  Extension and enrichment activities are included for each unit.

These techniques are designed to reach the full diversity of learning styles.  Extensive color-coding is a critical element of the structure. Please bring 4 colored ball point pens or pencils in blue, green, red and black.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This interactive, make & take course is only offered once per year, every May, so don’t miss out!

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Optional Academic Credit Costs & Registration:  Optional units of credit are available for each course at the low cost of $134 per unit, paid directly to CSUEB Continuing Education. Credit registration forms, payment instructions, and the grading policy will be provided on the first day of class. All credit registration forms must be submitted with payment to the MMR instructor by the end of each course. No exceptions.

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