Zoom Instructions & Online Class Etiquette Guidelines

Please read the following Zoom instructions and class guidelines carefully, at least 1 week before your class begins to allow sufficient time for downloading and learning the Zoom online class meeting platform and understanding the new class time guidelines to ensure a smooth and positive learning experience for all.  Your preparation is a gift to the group and to yourself.  We are in this together!

Computer Equipment & Internet Connection Requirement

All participants are required to access the online Zoom class meeting using either a laptop or desktop computer with a front-facing camera. MMR strongly recommends that participants set up the laptop or desktop computer on a desk or table with plenty of room to place the course binder of materials (shipped to participants) open for note-taking. If a participant does not have access to a computer, an iPad or tablet may be used, but they are not preferred. (Phones may be used to augment audio, but not for viewing the course.)  A strong internet connection is required.  (A poor internet connection inhibits one’s ability to receive course instruction and is extremely distracting for everyone in the class, as video image freezes and audio distorts.) During all distance learning courses, there are NO black screens and every participant must stay fully visible in front of their computer’s camera participants may not disable their laptop/computer/device’s camera, or blur their image, when instruction is in progress, and must remain fully visible on screen to the course instructor and the Zoom host.  See Class Time Polices for more information.

Required Course Materials

Please have the required MMR materials reader or binder that was shipped to you, at your desk throughout the course (​see your course confirmation email for details).  MMR recommends you have 5 colored ballpoint pens or pencils in blue, red, orange, green and black, along with plenty of paper, for note-taking during class.

New to Zoom?  Immediately Download the Zoom Software/App:

  • Desktop Computer & Laptop Users:  For best results, please visit this website to sign-up for a Zoom account and download the Zoom software on to your computer or laptop:  https://zoom.us/meetings
  • iPads & Tablet Users:  Please download the “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” App from your App Store, open and sign-up for an account. 

Already a Zoom user?​ ​Please download & upgrade to the latest version on your desktop/laptop: Zoom ​regularly provides new versions​ of the Zoom desktop client and mobile app to release new features and fix bugs. We recommend upgrading to the latest version before class begins: https://zoom.us/download​ | ​Click here​ for additional Zoom update support.

Need More Support?

  • Early Bird Zoom Help Session:  1 hour before class begins on the first day

MMR invites you to a special free Early Bird Zoom Help Session from 8am-9am PT on the 1st day of every DL course, with your host, Emily.  Participants are invited to “join” the Zoom Class Meeting extra-early on the 1st day to ask questions about the Zoom platform and get help with features such as muting, raising your hand, navigating view screen options, etc.

Zoom Class Time Guidelines & Etiquette

  1. Get Familiar With Zoom:  Please download and access Zoom as soon as possible to explore it and familiarize yourself with the features in advance of the 1st day of class.  Play around and have fun testing it out with family or friends!  If you need help, contact Emily to schedule a free 1-on-1 Zoom help appointment well before class begins.
  2. Please ensure your Zoom “Profile” Name is YOUR FIRST & LAST NAME:  During class time both David and Emily need to see your name clearly listed in the Zoom room for taking both daily attendance and addressing questions. If your Zoom account lists a business name or a family member’s name, please sign in to your Zoom account and edit the “name” in the “Personal” section under “Profile” to your first & last name during all MMR class sessions. Read: MMR attendance policy
  3. “Raising Hands” and Asking David Questions:  We ask that you stay muted during class instruction as household background noise is extremely distracting for other participants and your instructor.  Throughout each day of class David will pause to ask the class “Do you have any questions?” at opportune moments during his instruction.  We kindly ask that you reserve your questions for these moments to keep interruptions to a minimum.  Please feel free to use the “raise hand” feature in Zoom anytime, and Emily will ensure you get your question answered when David pauses to allow for questions.   Be sure to “unmute” when you are called on to ask your question.  If you forget to “re-mute” after asking your question and receiving feedback Emily may mute you in the interest of an optimal learning experience for all.  If this happens you will see a message “Muted By Host.”  Please know that if you get this message it is Emily who has muted you, not David, and that it is only Emily trying to ensure the class is as smooth as possible.  You will still be able to “unmute” again at a later time. 
  4. Strong Internet Connection:  Please ensure sure you have a strong internet connection. A poor internet connection is extremely distracting for everyone as video image freezes and the audio distorts. 
  5. Home Office Set-Up:  Use a laptop or desktop computer with a front-facing camera, placed on a stable desk or table, seated in a chair.  David must see your face.  Be sure to have your course binder, colored pens, plenty of paper, and a glass of water available at your desk.  Please reserve the scheduled breaks for moments when you need to leave your desk. 
  6. No Black Screens Allowed:   You may not disable your camera (i.e. video set to “off”) during MMR classes except during scheduled breaks.  If you need to sneeze or take a quick moment for yourself, then you can go black for a short period of time (1 minute or less).  However, if you need to take a restroom break or deal with an emergency, David requires that you prop up a sign in front of your camera that says “restroom break” or “back in 5” so that he knows you stepped away. (Black screens (i.e. video set to “off”) during class time are strictly prohibited except during scheduled breaks – see MMR’s Distance Learning Policy.)  MEDICAL WAIVER: Any medical exception to this important policy must be made in advance of the first day, in writing, to MMR at [email protected]Please also refrain from using Zoom Backgrounds as they are distracting to the instructor.  
  7. Technical Difficulties During Class Time:  Please send a text to Emily (cell number provided to course participants) if you cannot “unmute” or find that your audio is not working properly during class.  Fielding calls during class time is difficult for Emily, however you may call her if you are experiencing a true “tech emergency.” This may be helpful as there will be no Zoom Chat of any kind during MMR Distance Learning Courses.
  8. Please DO NOT “test” the Zoom Link before class begins:  We promise that the link works!  If you try “testing” the Zoom link before class begins, Emily will receive pings and emails that you are trying to log into the meeting and it is invasive.   Thank you.
  9. Please review the following MMR policies:
    Class Time Policies

    Distance Learning Policies

Daily Class Schedule & Breaks

  • Daily DL Main Course class sessions (except Overview):  9:00 am – 1:30 pm Pacific Time 
  • Daily DL Overview K-12 class sessions:  9:00 am – 2:00 pm PT
  • Daily DL Intensive Mini-Course class sessions:  9:00 am – 1:00 pm PT
  • 3 Breaks Daily:  10:00-10:08, 11:10-11:18, and 12:20:-12:28

Note:  All participants are invited to join the daily class meeting between 8:45am-9am PT.  Instruction begins at 9:00am PT sharp!

Zoom Link/Meeting ID Email:  Please note that MMR will email all participants the Zoom Meeting URL/Meeting ID number the day before class beginsDon’t miss this email and please save/store the email for easy and immediate access! This Zoom link/Meeting ID is used to “join the class meeting” between 8am-9am PT on the first day of class, and throughout the course between 8:45am-9am PT daily.  If you need the link again for any reason please get in touch with Emily.  

Note:  The Zoom Meeting link/ID will remain the same throughout the course

Registration / Payment Help:  Please contact Tracy, Office Manager at Making Math Real if you need help with your course registration, payment or any other administrative assistance:  [email protected]

Institute Office Hours: Monday – Friday; 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time*
*Please note the office of the Institute is not open on weekends even if courses are scheduled on Saturdays/Sundays.