Distance Learning Courses – Fall

Fall 2023 Distance Learning Courses for Parents & Educators

The Fall 2023 semester will open for registration June 6 at 9am PDT.

Since the first public offering of Making Math Real in 1996, attendees of Making Math Real Institute courses came from all over the state of California, from all around the country, and from all around the world. Now that all of Making Math Real’s courses in the professional development series are offered online in a distance learning format via Zoom, travel is no longer an issue or expense for those who would like to attend Making Math RealDon’t miss this unique opportunity!  Making Math Real is offering 2 main courses half-days on weekends, and 1 brand new Base 10 Puzzles Intensive mini-course weekday mornings, all online via Zoom, for the 2023 Fall Institute. 

∞ Visit the List of Prerequisites to ensure you are eligible for the course you wish to attend.

Overview K-12  online course

4 half-days via Zoom | 9:00 am – 2:00 pm PDT daily
1 optional academic unit
Aug. 26-27, Sept. 9-10, 2023
Mandatory prerequisite for all other Making Math Real courses.
Registration Fee:  $499 for tuition & course reader (shipped upon registration)  

The 4 Operations & 400 Math Facts Part 1 online course

22 half-days via Zoom | 9:00 am – 1:30 pm PT daily
6 optional academic units
Sept. 23-24, Oct. 7-8, 21-22, Nov. 4-5, 18-19, Dec. 2-3, 16-17, 2023 and Jan. 6-7, 20-21, Feb. 3-4, 17-18, 2024
Required Prerequisites:  All students who enroll in this course must have completed the Making Math Real: Overview K-12 and the 9 Lines Intensive courses.
Important Note: It is now a mandatory prerequisite to have also completed Making Math Real: 9 Lines Intensive, as this course provides the complete structure for teaching and developing automaticity for the 100 multiplication facts, which greatly supports the content of the 4 Operations & the 400 Math Facts Part 1 course.
Registration Fee:  $2,849 for tuition & course reader (shipped upon registration)  

PREPARE FOR THE 4 OPERATIONS PART 2 IN 2024: This 4 Operations Part 1 course is the mandatory prerequisite for taking The 4 Operations Part 2 course and is only offered every other Fall semester. Part 2 is projected for Spring 2024, so don’t miss this chance to complete Part 1 and become eligible for Part 2 in 2024! Part 2 will also return to MMR’s Calendar For Courses in Spring 2026.

NEW!  Base 10 Puzzles Intensive Mini-Course
1st Time Ever: Weekday Online Sessions
10 two-hour classes Tuesday & Thursday mornings

Fall 2023 Dates: Oct. 3, 5; 10, 12; 17, 19; 24, 26; 31, Nov. 2
Time: 9:30 am – 11:30 am PDT daily
Required Prerequisite:
  The 4 Operations & 400 Math Facts
Registration Fee:  $499 (materials not included)

Required Materials: Base 10 Puzzles, Levels I-V AND Part 2: Levels VI. For those who do not yet own the Base 10 Puzzles: ORDER HERE


The Base 10 Puzzles provide encompassing structured development for an impressive array of highly valuable cognitive functions for place value applications including number sense, the base 10 system, numeration, sequencing, mental flexibility, visual-spatial ability, working memory, and regulatory executive functions. In addition, The Base 10 Puzzles, provide the mental foundations that support automaticity with the addition and subtraction facts as well as rounding. 

Fall 2023 Distance Learning Course Discounts*SAVE up to 50%

Early Bird Discount
Register June 6 between 9am-12pm PDT to SAVE 10% on all Fall 2023 courses.

Repeat 50% Off Discount
MMR has reserved 3 dedicated spaces in The 4 Operations Part 1 and 2 dedicated spaces in the Overview K-12, for the REPEAT 50% DISCOUNT, provided on a first-come, first-served basis for those who have already successfully completed the course they wish to repeat.

* Course Discounts may not be combined.


In order to participate in Distance Learning courses, please sign up for a free Zoom account, download the software, and watch “how-to” videos here:  https://us02web.zoom.us/

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