In the Wake of Changing Times: MMR’s Response to COVID-19 Part 4

May 6, 2020

Summer 2020:
Making Math Real: Algebra I
Offered in a Distance Learning/Online Format

As I mentioned in a previous blog, Making Math Real’s Response to COVID-19: Part 2, and based on the feasibility of presenting certain courses online, we are transitioning a number of our series of 12 courses to a distance learning/online format. One of these 12 courses that will be offered in a distance learning/online format this summer is Making Math Real: Algebra 1.

A major contributing factor in support of transitioning any MMRI course to an online format is whether the course relies on the structure of concrete to abstract and the use of manipulatives. Since all of algebra, from pre-algebra through calculus, uses a completely different structure than concrete to abstract, and therefore no manipulatives whatsoever, it is possible to present this course in a distance learning/online format. Please understand, the sole purpose of transitioning Algebra 1 to an online format is the direct impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which requires social distancing. This is a one-time, temporary response to drastic circumstances in support of ensuring the health and safety of all of us. I hope we can return to our traditional in-person structure as soon as it is safe.

A Silver Lining During Difficult Times:
A Unique Opportunity for Those Who Must Travel to Attend MMRI Courses

Since the first public offering of Making Math Real in 1996, attendees of MMRI courses have come from all over the state of California, from all around the country, and from all around the world. Now that Algebra 1 will be offered online, travel is no longer an issue or expense for those who would like to attend this course. Furthermore, in support of those of you who need to continue to be close by and available to your families, need the daily opportunity to continue your own jobs, as well as reducing the stress and extra cognitive demands of interacting with your computer screens for extended periods of time, the Algebra 1 daily course schedule will only be half days from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (click here for course schedule).

An additional silver lining to this unique opportunity to take Algebra 1, is this course is the result of a successful “If You Build It, We Will Come” campaign. As a result, Algebra 1 is being offered two years earlier than originally scheduled, so those of you who need this course no longer have to wait until 2022 to receive it!

For those MMR participants who have successfully completed the prerequisite Pre-Algebra 10-day course, please join MMRI this summer for this special Algebra 1 distance learning opportunity.


We hope to see all of you this summer for Algebra 1, and in the meantime, we will continue to monitor the ongoing requirements for all of our health and safety due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please stay tuned for our ongoing communications and announcements regarding Making Math Real’s response to COVID-19.

Be well and stay healthy,

David Berg, E.T.
Founder & Director of the Making Math Real Institute