If You Build It, We Will Come



Over the years so many of you have fervently requested a particular MMR course only to hear that particular course will not be offered for another year or two. We understand how difficult it is to wait, but we can only offer a course once we know we have sufficient enrollment.

Double Bonus Incentive

Therefore, the Making Math Real Institute is going to try an experiment: “If You Build It, We Will Come.” This means if we can get sufficient enrollment several months prior to the course offering, we will put that course on the calendar far in advance of when it would normally be scheduled. As a double bonus incentive, you can have the course you want much sooner AND receive a 15% discount on the price.

Pre-Algebra & Algebra

For example, so many of you have requested Pre-Algebra this summer, which would be great because it is not scheduled again until Spring 2018. However, to make that happen we need you to “Build It” by taking advantage of the 15% discount and enrolling in July 2016 Pre-Algebra course by May 20, 2016. If this experiment works, then we will do it again to offer Algebra in July 2017.

Triple Bonus for Out of Town Participants

If we can offer Pre-Algebra and Algebra during the summers, this will be the first time we have offered these courses during the summer, making it much more accessible for participants from out of town, state, or the country to attend. Please help us to help you. Fulfill your requests for the MMR courses you want and need. Register now for Making Math Real: Pre-Algebra.

First Published 2/9/16