Geometry Part I and Pre-Algebra in the Same Semester

Unprecedented, Unique Opportunity: Geometry Part I and Pre-Algebra in the Same Semester

Since we have never done this before in our 23 years of service, we are extremely excited to announce the 2019 Summer Institute is offering the unique opportunity to continue your progression along THE TWO major content domains, algebra and geometry, within the same semester. This summer, scheduled back-to-back in June and July are:

Geometry Part I
June 24-25, 27-28, July 1-2

July 8-9, 11-12, 15-16, 18-19, 22-23

The Pre-Algebra course is part of the algebra series*: Fractions Decimals and Advanced Place ValuePre-AlgebraAlgebra I, and Algebra II (offered for the first time in spring 2020); and Geometry Part 1 is part of the geometry series*: The 4 Operations & the 400 Math FactsFractions, Decimals and Advanced Place ValueGeometry Part 1Pre-AlgebraAlgebra I, and Geometry Part 2.

The Developmental Basis for Pre-Calculus and Calculus

The domains of algebra and geometry together provide the essential basis for the higher mathematics of pre-calculus and calculus and are completely different from one another. Not only is the content of pre-calculus and calculus based on a seamless blend of algebra and geometry content, more significantly, its developmental imperative, analysis-synthesis, is a blend of the developmental structures of algebra (analysis) and geometry (synthesis).
For a full explanation of the analysis-synthesis of algebra and geometry, please read the following articles:

Pre-Algebra: The Foundation of the Algebra Strand Through Calculus
Geometry is Different from Algebra and Elementary Mathematics

Analysis-synthesis refers to the cognitive abilities, which are executive function-based, to activate the working memory, comprehension picture from the interrelationship of the symbolic details (detail analysis: algebra: analysis) as well as synthesizing the big perceptual picture of working memory from partially given information (synthesizing the big picture: geometry: synthesis). Students’ abilities to access analysis-synthesis simultaneously supports the activation of working memory for the concept comprehension and applications of the following representative samples of pre-calculus and calculus content: all trigonometry relationships and applications for all triangles, trig functions, inverse functions and identities, their graphs and their applications including the unit circle and sinusoidal graphs, conic sections, limits, derivatives and integrals.

Further Incentive:
After This Summer, Pre-Algebra and Geometry Part I
Will Not Be Offered Again Soon

Further incentive for taking advantage of this unique opportunity is Pre-Algebra is not scheduled again until spring 2021, and Geometry Part 1 is not currently scheduled again, so will likely not be offered until some time in either 2021 or 2022 at the earliest.

Of special note, the Pre-Algebra class this summer is the result of an “If You Build It, We Will Come” campaign. If You Build It, We Will Come is a grassroots “by popular demand” campaign in which people who want and need a particular MMR course to be scheduled sooner than its regularly scheduled date can “build” a new date for the course. In this case, Pre-Algebra, originally scheduled for spring 2021, is now being specially offered in summer 2019, thanks to a successful IYBI campaign that completed on 1/31/19! Please note that course discounts do NOT apply to IYBI course offerings. To successfully “build” a new date for a course requires a minimum of 20 people to fully commit by registering in advance.


We look forward to seeing all of you in Pre-Algebra and Geometry Part 1 this summer.

* Please see List of Prerequisites required for the courses in these series.