FROM THE DESK OF DAVID BERG is a special blog that hosts an ongoing series of articles intended for Making Math Real's dedicated, long-term practitioners who have the coursework and experience necessary to understand the content of these writings. David Berg, E.T., is the creator of the Making Math Real Simultaneous Multisensory Structured Methods and Founder and Director of the Making Math Real Institute. He is an author, educational therapist, international lecturer, consultant, and professional development provider for universities, conferences, public and private schools, learning disabilities organizations, and SELPAs. During his 40 years in education, he has taught all grades from kindergarten through postgraduate and has worked nationwide with thousands of educators of all levels and students of all ages. In addition to being Founder, Director, and Creator of Making Math Real, David Berg is also an artist, musician, and composer.

Published on: February 9th, 2016


Over the years so many of you have fervently requested a particular MMR course only to hear that particular course will not be offered for another year or two. We understand how difficult it is to wait, but we can only offer a course once we know we have sufficient enrollment.

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Published on: January 28th, 2016


I am extremely excited to announce the prospect of offering Making Math Real: Geometry in Spring of 2017. This would mark the first time in the 20 year history of the Making Math Real Institute that Geometry would be offered publicly as a part of the Making Math Real series of courses.

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