Discounts & Savings

Discounts & Savings

A key commitment of the vision and mission of the Making Math Real Institute is to help parents and educators directly by providing our multisensory structured mathematics professional development series to as many people as possible.  In an effort to uphold our commitment during these challenging economic times, the Making Math Real Institute is implementing several opportunities to make it more affordable for districts, schools, and individuals to continue receiving our services.  PLEASE NOTE:  Distance learning (DL) registration discounts apply to online course offerings taught via Zoom.

2 Ways to Save on Summer 2023 Distance Learning Courses:

Early Bird Discount:
Register on April 4 between 9am and 12pm PDT to SAVE 10% on all Summer 2023 courses.


Repeat Discount:
MMR has reserved:
2 dedicated REPEAT 50% DISCOUNT spaces for the Summer Overview course +
3 dedicated REPEAT 50% DISCOUNT spaces for the Summer 9 Lines course +
3 dedicated REPEAT 50% DISCOUNT spaces for the Summer Pre-Algebra course

* Discounts may not be combined.

Ways to Save on MMR Courses:

SAVE 10% — Early Bird Discount for Parents & Educators

Early Bird Discount:  Register by the advertised discount deadline to SAVE 10%

* This is an ongoing offer available throughout the year for all courses. May not be combined with any other discount offer.  Discount details are subject to change.

SAVE 50% — Repeat Discount for Parents & Educators

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY:  REPEAT a designated course for 50% OFF the registration fee! 

Over the years many participants have requested a way to REPEAT one or more of the Making Math Real seminars without having to pay full price. MMR understands how valuable it is to attend a course more than once, as all MMR is intensive and layered. Those who have repeated courses inform us it has been extremely helpful to receive the content, structure, incrementation, language and prompting again, and the experience has deepened their integration, understanding, and learning. Furthermore, since all MMR courses are constantly expanding, it is most beneficial to receive all the new content.  Therefore, in support of this effort MMR is pleased to announce a 50% DEEP DISCOUNT off current prices for those who wish to repeat a designated course selected to offer this special discount!  Repeat discount spaces are limited per select course - register early to save!

To qualify for this special offer, the Making Math Real Institute must have record of your successful completion of the course(s) in which you would like to repeat.  The Repeat Discount is only offered on select course offerings, in limited supply, on a semester-by-semester basis, and may not be combined with any other offer.  (These limited Repeat Discount spaces are available for registration on a first-come, first-served basis.)

Making Math Real reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.