If You Build It, We Will Come

If You Build It, We Will Come

Over the years, so many of you have fervently requested a particular Making Math Real (MMR) course only to hear that particular course will not be offered for another year or two. We understand how difficult it is to wait, but the Institute can only schedule a course once we know there is sufficient enrollment.  (This is especially true for the upper level MMR courses which require multiple mandatory prerequisites.)

You Asked, MMR Responded

In response to the many requests we received from loyal MMR course participants, the Making Math Real Institute has now implemented: If You Build It, We Will Come

If You Build It, We Will Come is a grassroots “by popular demand” campaign in which people who want and need a particular MMR course to be scheduled sooner than its regularly scheduled date can “build” a new date for the course.  This means if MMR can get sufficient enrollment several months prior to the course offering, we will put that course on the calendar far in advance of when it would normally be scheduled. If You Build It (IBYI) campaigns empower you to “build” the courses you want and need!

How IYBI Works

In order to launch an IYBI campaign and successfully “build” a new date for a course, MMR requires a minimum of 20 people to fully commit by registering in advance. This commitment requires payment in full from each person by a special advance-registration deadline.  MMR typically sets the advance-registration payment deadline 5-6 months in advance of the proposed course dates. Please note that MMR course discounts do NOT apply to IYBI course offerings.

A Critical Mass = 20

When a critical mass of at least 20 MMR course participants propose an IYBI campaign to David Berg, usually during a course they are all attending, the group must appoint a liaison to work with the office of the Institute to get the campaign approved. This IYBI liaison is responsible for organizing promotions and outreach, recruiting the minimum 20 participants who agree to advance-register by the established deadline, and handling all communication between the Institute and the group. Although every IYBI campaign is unique, MMR often supports a group’s effort with email & website promotion/exposure, in addition to building special advance-registration systems for each campaign.

Bonus for Out-of-Town Participants

IYBI campaigns are most frequently proposed during the summer in June/July/August, which provides for a shorter and much more condensed class schedule, as opposed to the academic year courses that take place on weekends throughout a semester.  IYBI summer campaigns make it much more accessible for participants from out-of-town, state, or the country to attend. Please help us to help you. Fulfill your requests for the MMR courses you want and need!

Visit the Calendar page to find current IYBI campaigns in progress!

If You Build It, We Will Come Campaign Information & Policies:

MMR accepts credit cards, checks, money orders for all course tuition and also accepts purchase orders from schools and districts. Course discounts are NOT provided for “If You Build It” campaigns.  Any participant canceling registration at any time or for any reason, after payment has been made, will NOT receive a refund.  If MMR cancels any course between now and the 1st day of class, all registrations will be fully refunded. All IYBI campaigns are grassroots efforts proposed, launched, organized and managed by MMR participants only.  The Making Math Real Institute is not responsible for the success or failure of IYBI campaigns, and reserves the right to cancel any campaign at any time for any reason.