Nueva Gifted Learning Conference

The Nueva Gifted Learning Conference
For Parents and Educators

October 15-16, 2009

Welcome to the 2009 Gifted Learning Conference, a two-day educational summit held in the San Francisco Bay Area at The Nueva School. We invite you to join world-renowned scholars and educational leaders in more than 50 formal presentations, informative panels, and lively discussion groups, highlighting the most compelling issues in gifted education today.

New content in 2009! Topics Include: Education and Technology in the 21st Century • Teaching Leadership and Creativity • Implications of Neuroscience and Brain Research in the Classroom • Curriculum Design • Underachievement • Motivation • Design Thinking • Profound Giftedness • Parenting Strategies • Multicultural Programming • Alternative Schooling • Social-Emotional Learning

Making Math Real Presentation on Friday, Oct. 16

Special 3 hour presentation beginning at 8:45am, ending at 12:10

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David Berg, founder & director of the Making Math Real Institute will be a featured speaker on Friday, October 16, 2009, presenting this extended 3 hour session:


The gifted and accelerated math student may be as equally underserved as the student who persistently struggles in math. Both the struggling student and the gifted student require educators with comprehensive knowledge of the content, cognitive development, multisensory structured methodologies, and the ability to deliver curriculum prescriptively to their respective processing needs. For both these populations, the typical classroom instructional models do not have the structure or time to provide adequate prescription for these students’ developmental and educational needs.

One of the principal reasons the gifted math student is underserved is the common misperception that the “brilliance” of the student will compensate for the lack of adequately prescriptive content presented. I have repeatedly encountered a notable underdevelopment in mathematical knowledge and ability in the gifted population directly related the accumulation of gaps in instruction experienced throughout their school years. The gifted student needs and deserves the full content of connections and structures in math.

In this presentation by David Berg, participants will:
• Understand the diverse processing styles of the gifted population
• Connect the research from neuro-science and cognitive science to the developmental needs of gifted students
• Learn the educational prescription of best-practices for gifted students
• Re-connect the mathematics to its scientific origins and basis to maximize students’ concept-procedure integration
• Learn to maximize the gifted student’s potential by structuring their in-depth critical interactions with the mathematics
• Participate in three representative math lessons spanning the early primary grades through Algebra I demonstrating the prescription for gifted students

For All Parents, Educators, Administrators, Physicians, and Clinicians

  • Formal presentations and panel discussions led by industry experts
  • Resources for home and classroom use offered
  • Closing networking reception



*NOTE: David Berg’s Special 3 hour presentation begins at 8:45am and ends at 12:10 — Register for this presentation in Session I in order to attend.


CONFERENCE LOCATION: The Nueva School, 6565 Skyline Blvd. Hillsborough, CA

For more information about the Gifted Learning Conference, please email [email protected] or call 650-350-4560.