Keynote Presentations

Do You Need a Dynamic and Innovative Keynote Address?

Have David Berg Be Your Keynote Speaker

David Berg, founder and director of the Making Math Real Institute and the creator of all the Making Math Real multisensory structured methodologies, pre-K through calculus, is available to deliver your keynote address.

David Berg is internationally renown as the world’s foremost authority and expert on multisensory structured mathematics education.  He has presented as a keynote and/or featured speaker at countless international, national and regional conferences including multiple presentations at the Learning and the Brain in San Francisco, Cambridge, and Washington, D.C., the International Dyslexia Association, the M.I.N.D. Institute at UC Davis, the California Mathematics Council, the Texas Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching, the Learning Disabilities Association, and many, many more.

The following are representative samples of previous keynote addresses:

  • The Earliest Developments of Number Sense
  • The Multisensory Structured Mathematics Solution for Addressing the Common Core
  • Decoding and Encoding: As Important for Math Comprehension as for Reading Comprehension
  • How the Brain Does Math
  • An Introduction to Multisensory Structured Mathematics, Pre-K through Calculus
  • Executive Function, Working Memory, and the Cognitive Development of Mathematics
  • The Development of Numeracy: The Neglected Curriculum

David Berg is able to present any of the abovementioned titles or on any topic related to mathematics education.

For more information, please contact the Making Math Real Institute at [email protected] or 510-527-0720.

Past Keynote Presentations

ORBIDA Keynote by David Berg

March 9-10, 2013; Portland, OR
Parents and educators are invited to ORBIDA’s 2013 Annual Conference to participate in the dynamic and innovative 2-day Making Math Real: Overview, K-12, keynote presentation by David Berg, educational therapist and founder/director of the Making Math Real Institute.

CCPPNS: Keynote by David Berg

March 22, 2013; Oakland, CA
California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools, CCPPNS, will hold its 64th Annual Convention on March 22- 23rd, 2013 in Oakland, CA.  Keynote presentation “Making Math Real: The Earliest Development of Number Sense and the Foundation for Future processing in Mathematics” by David Berg on Friday, March 22 at 9:00am.