FREE SEMINAR 2016: Decoding and Encoding: As Important for Success in Math as for Success in Reading

  • What is decoding and encoding in math?
  • Why is my child/student so confused?
  • Why is my child/student losing confidence in math?
  • Why is my child/student becoming anxious about math?
  • Why is it so hard for me to help my child/ student in math?

Parents and educators are invited to this dynamic and innovative free seminar presented by David Berg, educational therapist and founder/director of the Making Math Real Institute. The focus of this free seminar will be on the important role of decoding and encoding for math comprehension, one of the most valuable developments to help your child/student be successful in math.

Just as students must learn to decode and encode the alphabetic code to read and spell, so too, must students learn to decode and encode the codes of math to understand and apply the mathematics. Math is a series of interconnected codes – a symbolic shorthand to express what is real. All math content from kindergarten through calculus is comprised of these interconnected codes. If students (and teachers) understand the codes, they will be successful in math. If the codes are not taught or are incorrectly taught, students are likely to be confused and struggle unnecessarily in math.

Come to this free seminar for the answers to these questions and more. We look forward to seeing you there.


DATE: Saturday, May 14, 2016

TIME: 9am-12pm

LOCATION: Black Pine Circle Upper School
2016 Seventh Street at University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94710 (Please do not call the school)

PARKING: Please park on the street in the neighborhood of the school and be respectful of the neighbor’s driveways — thank you. There is no parking lot for Black Pine Circle School, but there is no time-limit for street parking in the area, as long as you are not parked at a meter.

COST: FREE! Pre-registration is required due to limited space (see below)

HOW TO REGISTER WITH MAKING MATH REAL: This event is free and open to the public, but pre- registration is mandatory. Please email [email protected] with your name and the number of people that will attend, in order to reserve your space at the Free Seminar.