Your Program Built My Mathematical Foundation

Your Program Built My Mathematical Foundation

Written by Cynthia Ring, former MMR student
Dear Making Math Real,

I went through your program when you were tutoring out of the second floor of someone’s home near Berkley California in 2004-05. I was in 8th grade at the time. Karen was my tutor.

Your program changed my life. I got a B on a math test for the first time in my life after just weeks of your program.  I took Advanced Algebra Trig in high school and got an A. I am now in college and was able to get an A in Chemistry.

Your program built my mathematical foundation. I am no longer frightened of math and can use math in my day-to-day life.  Your program teaches children that math is not merely crunching numbers, but has a visible meaning. I still remember learning how to subtract intergers with the “Birds and Sandbags” method, and the “Snob Parties” for Greatest Common Factor. I have kept my Making Math Real notebook for all these years.

Thank you for teaching math to me,