Teachers Using MMR Speak Up

Teachers Using MMR Speak Up
Written by By Teachers Across the Country

“Teachers at Bluebonnet Elementary are passionate about Making Math Real for their students.   The Difference:  Making Math Real empowers teachers by giving them ALL the tools they need to make students understand math. Using a very specific sequence, kid-friendly language, and multisensory approach, teachers using MMR help students “get their (math) picture.”

— The teachers at Bluebonnet Elementary in Bastrop, TX

“This is truly revolutionary in its thinking! I can’t wait to try using this as a teacher/tutor!”

—Lydin B, student teacher

“Seeing the program modeled by the instructor was the most valuable. I was able to work through the activities just like my students will, which made it easier for me to understand.”

—Stephanie M, teacher

“Made me hungry for more.”

—Amy C, teacher [on the Overview course]

“David Berg is unbelievable and magnificent. His energy and insight are incredible, leading to the most spectacular class I’ve ever taken. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am tremendously excited about beginning to incorporate this into my classroom.”

—Sam F, teacher

“Thank you! You are the most gifted educator I’ve ever imagined.”

—Nancy M, educational therapist [on David Berg]

“Being exposed to Making Math Real has dramatically changed how I see math instruction. I have learned a great deal this summer and I feel fortunate to have had such a paradigmatic shift around approaching my teaching, especially as a special educator. Thank you.”

—Cassie F, special educator

“Thank you so much. I have learned so much and the time went quickly. Math now seems so much easier, not to mention more fun.”

—Kathy F, teacher

“Dear David, Thank you so much for coming up with a program that so well fits the learning needs of our children. Thank you for the energy, thoughtfulness, humor, and caring you import in your class for us.”

—Pat O, educator

“I just wanted you to know that I’ve started applying what I’ve learned from Making Math Real. I’m back in the Philippines where I am working in a center for students with reading disabilities. One parent requested that her struggling seven-year-old son be taught math as well. The boy has been enjoying out math sessions and is learning fast. The cheese bits, fries, waffles, and chimney (chimneys are not really common here) have been very effective.”

—Cecillia J, educator

“The most valuable part of the Making Math Real course was the organized, consistent language and images, examples of instruction, fantastic binder, articulate instruction, and connection to real classroom situations.”

—Toni O, teacher

“The most valuable part of this course was: Everything! It has given me the tools I need to present my math curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and universally accessible to my students.”

—Caroline K, teacher

“The games and other activities to reinforce the concepts are loved by all the kids.  Of course, you have to teach the math concept before game but it is such great reinforcement of key concepts throughout the whole year.   It does take time to make the games and cards, but it is definitely worth the time and once they are made you can use them for many years.  Many of the activities can be used as a warm up to review concepts.   It is a great way to get them out of their seats and get the blood pumping.”

—Beth R, 3rd grade teacher [on Games! course]