Students Learning MMR Speak Up

Students Learning MMR Speak Up
Written by Making Math Real Students of All Ages

“I hate math! I’m telling you this because I have to go to a MATH CAMP! If I were president I would have all math books burned; but if math was like Making Math Real math, I probably wouldn’t mind it. But all math isn’t like Making Math Real math. No! Most math is HARD, PAINFUL, STRESSFUL and Mean. Like I said, math is horrible. Math is easy when someone is there to help you. Math is easy when I don’t have to do it. Math is easy when I have a good teacher who explains the problem well. Making Math Real is a type off math that’s put into stories; math is like a foreign language but Making Math Real puts it in English. If Making Math Real were a school I would go there.”

—Marissa, 4th grade student

“The person who has helped me the most with math is Mr.David Berg. He is a math person. He comes in every Friday. I really like math when he does it. It’s not boring.”

—Alyssia, 5th grade student

“I have learned so much about math AND teaching developmentally. I am feeling so good about finally “getting” math that I’m going to study for the GRE! You are an inspiration. I want to be a teacher like you when I grow up.”

—Joan, community college student