Parents Taking MMR Speak Up

Parents Taking MMR Speak Up
Written by Parents Across The Country

“I am a fan! I used the materials with my twins. Because of the confusing textbook presentation, they were having trouble with addition and subtraction. Using the Making Math Real materials and concepts, I’ve helped them become fluent in both, and plan on teaching the 2nd grade curriculum to them over the summer. They’ve gone from “I don’t like math” to being excited about knowing more math than the other kids. Thanks!”

—Patricia L, parent

“I had such a wonderfully enlightening weekend at the Overview course! I was so excited to come home and put into practice a little of what I learned. So I did the 9 Lines with my daughter, like we did in class. SHE LOVED IT! I saw a look on her face that I’ve never seen before. She was beaming. Could it really be this easy? I could tell it gave her such an empowering feeling, which is so nice to have after having three years of feeling completely defeated in math. (Just the mention of math, especially a timed test, could reduce her to tears!) She kept wanting more of Making Math Real! (I better hurry and make my games!) I’m just thrilled!”

—Nina, parent

“The Making Math Real instructor was very clear in getting the material across. The best part of the experience is that I have learned a conceptual multisensory teaching method for math. I feel that I can teach this material to almost anyone.”

—Rosanne, parent