As a Teacher I was Drawn to Making Math Real

As a Teacher I was Drawn to Making Math Real
Written by Becky G, retired educator & principal

Dear David Berg,

I would like to thank you very much for opening the math camp, and giving me the opportunity to learn math in a whole new way. During these first two weeks, I have gotten to learn lots of new math games that I hope will continue. I have had a great time learning new math tricks and hanging out with interns and teachers.

As a teacher I was drawn to Making Math Real because it addresses the issue that students become successful learners in many different ways. Educators have been struggling with how to successfully teach math for many years, but there is definitely not one way that works for all students. MMR addresses this issue and helps educators become more tuned into the learning style of each child.

When I have explained to other adults about the fun activities that the children and I do with math, using the MMR procedures, they get very excited and say that they wished that someone had taken the time to help them understand math. Math was always a bit mystifying and frightening for them. MMR is interactive. The learner is totally engaged in the process. MMR helps the students to develop the detail analysis that makes them successful. The biggest delight that I have when working with children is when they look up and announces that they “get it” and want to show me. The program integrates easily into math games so that the students get the practice that they need.

—Becky G., retired educator, principal & now a school volunteer