A Tremendous contribution

A Tremendous Contribution
Written by Sunny, Parent & Tutor

Dear David,

“David Berg is a genius!” said one seasoned Slingerland-trained SLP. Her daughter recently became a client of mine.

That was actually an understatement. Truth is there is no word that describes the tremendous contribution you have made to the understanding and teaching of math and human development. I can only perceive a fraction of it and I am in awe, on a daily basis. It probably takes a cross-disciplinary team of experts to truly appreciate what it is if such a team could ever understand each other.

I really need you to know that you are very, very much appreciated in my small circle of clients and families. (I am struggling to keep the client base small as I have my two boys after school. MMR is in huge demand on the Peninsula where I live.)

In my own home, we are having a BLAST with the mental fractions problem solving, basics and ALL of the expansions. What can possibly be a better tool for developing executive functions?! My soon-to-be 6th grader is a linear processor with significant attention deficits (zoning). Talking about driving blind! Getting the picture first before expressing is what we work on every single day. Wow, and the power of pre-imaging! I did not believe he could do 30 problems on a page without getting about half of them wrong since 60-70% accuracy was about his average. Man, did I see a solid, unbelievable growth in managing details! Now only 1 or 2 mistakes per page on average even with the random mixed format! We are at finding parts, and he has already gained so much confidence. He thinks you are the smartest person in the world. What a precious gift you have given us. THANK YOU.

On a side note, I’ve received a “software update” on my very own mental percent solving ability by working these problems out, and really have gained much appreciation for the structure of the increments. They work wonders. I am gaining appreciation everyday for MMR, many things I did not even think twice while taking the classes.

You should be given whatever amount of wealth, fame and recognition while the world learns MMR for free. You made math possible for all learners. What an achievement that is! It is no less than that of Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs, etc. The only difference is the inventions by others do not require intellect, background knowledge or hard work to be appreciated. But yours does.