Distance Learning Online Instruction Policy Agreement

The terms and conditions set forth below (the “Terms of Use”) govern your use of the content and materials presented or provided by Making Math Real Institute (“MMRI”), including in or through MMRI’s courses, whether provided in a traditional in-person classroom or distance learning online format.

In an Act of God event in which the Making Math Real Institute must resort to “distance learning” instruction for any course because the traditional classroom-based instruction is either impossible or unsafe, the following policies are enacted and enforced for the benefit of all parties.

The term distance learning as used herein refers to instruction where the teacher and the student(s) are separated geographically so that in-person, face-to-face communication is not possible, thereby requiring course content instruction to be delivered by one or more web-based platforms such as Zoom and/or Skype.  Methods of distance learning presentation and use of copyright protected course materials are under the control of the Making Math Real Institute and David Berg.

    • The MMR terms of use that govern the use of materials created by David Berg / Making Math Real and utilized for distance learning instruction are the same as the MMR terms of use that govern the use of materials created by David Berg / Making Math Real for traditional in-person courses, and the terms of use policies governing these materials, on which all Making Math Real participants have agreed and signed off, remain in force during both traditional and distance learning instruction.  For further information, CLICK HERE: MMR Terms of Use
  • As with any traditional MMRI course, all forms of audio and video recording and photography, including screenshots, are strictly prohibited during distance learning course instruction and violate the Making Math Real Institute’s protections under copyright, trademark, trade secret, and other laws of both the United States and foreign countries. During all distance learning courses, there are no black screens: Participants may not disable their laptop/computer’s camera when instruction is in progress.  Making Math Real’s computer and cell phone classroom policies, agreed to by all participants upon course registration, remain in force during all distance learning instruction – see “class time” clauses below:

The following “CLASS TIME” POLICIES remain in place during both traditional in-person and online instruction:

Computer Laptop Use Policy & Audio/Video Recording Policies: For the benefit, safety and privacy of all course participants, Making Math Real does NOT allow for any audio or video recording or photography/screenshots of any kind during courses or presentations. Laptop computers and iPads/tablets will be allowed during in-person class instruction for note-taking purposes ONLY, and for distance learning purposes for online course offerings. All other electronic devices and cameras, including but not limited to cell phones, smart watches, digital cameras and recording pens are strictly prohibited during class instruction, and must be turned off and stored away during all course instruction time. Course participants may access their cell phones during regularly scheduled breaks and lunch. Any participant who violates this policy and uses their technology device to record will be required to delete the recorded content and be immediately and permanently removed from the course (future course privileges may also be revoked). Violators are not eligible for refunds of any kind and will receive an incomplete in the course. [revised Jan. 16, 2019]

Cell Phone Use Policy: Out of respect for the course instructor and all participants, cell phone use is prohibited during class time. Participants may check phones for texts and return calls during regularly scheduled breaks and lunch. All cell phones must be turned off and stored away during course instruction. 

    • During any distance learning course or course segment, the Making Math Real Institute requires that course participants be held to the same standards of academic honesty as course participants in traditional in-person courses.  Making Math Real acknowledges that any sudden or planned distance learning instruction for any course will provide a temporary solution to completing a scheduled course, due to an Act of God occurrence, and will not be relied on as a permanent mode of instruction or as a possible future form of instruction.  MMR may be required to alter, adjust, or reduce course content and/or participant questions during distance learning instruction in order to accommodate a web-based platform, and will do so at the discretion of the MMRI course instructor. Although MMR will do everything possible to adhere to the course’s regularly scheduled dates and/or daily schedule, it remains the sole discretion of the instructor to adapt and/or change the schedules as needed, to meet the demands and differences of distance learning instruction, or in response to an Act of God occurrence. 
  • Making Math Real is not responsible for any missed instruction for any participant due to technical difficulties, power outages, computer and/or internet connection issues/failures during distance learning instruction whether such issues arise from the host’s connection or any participant(s) connection.  Making Math Real’s course attendance and grading policies remain in force during all distance learning instruction:

Attendance & Grading Policy:   Full “in-person” and “distance learning (DL)” course attendance is required in order to successfully pass a course and receive optional academic credit for the course (if optional academic units are provided for the course and are purchased through CSUEB Continuing Education). There are NO make-ups under any circumstances for missed days during a Making Math Real course. If you miss more than half a day for any 2-day, 3-day or 4-day course, 1 or more days for any 5-day or 6-day course, or 2 or more days for any 10-day or 12-day course, you will not successfully pass (complete) the course.  [Please note that the number of course days listed above refer to the traditional “in-person” courses and their designated number of full 9am-5pm/6pm instructional days.  DL courses are typically only taught from 9am-1pm (half-days) which often doubles the number of DL course days for any traditional MMR course taught via Zoom, so any missed class time must be re-calculated accordingly.]  MMRI Certificate of Completion:  Course participants may request a “proof of attendance” certificate from the Making Math Real Institute office after a course has been successfully passed/completed by emailing: [email protected]

  • SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES:  When Act of God circumstances make it impossible for MMRI to provide a hard copy course binder to a registered course participant(s), MMRI will send portions of the course binder as a digital file (pdf) as needed to the course participant to temporarily replace the indicated sections of the hard copy course binder. The course participant understands that the digital file is a temporary measure, and that as soon as the hard copy course binder is received, the participant agrees to destroy all MMRI digital files that have been received, which will be replaced by said MMRI course binder. All digital files are subject to the same intellectual property guidelines as set forth below:

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY:  The Materials and associated trademarks are protected under copyright, trademark, trade secret, and other laws of both the United States and foreign countries. All Materials, including the collection, arrangement and assembly of the content in the Materials are the exclusive property of David Berg (doing business as MMRI) as the creator of all the Making Math Real Multisensory Structured Content Methodologies, K-12, Copyright © 1996-2021. All rights reserved. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. You may not sell, reproduce, distribute, modify, display, publish, publicly perform, prepare derivative works based on, reverse engineer, repost or otherwise use any of the Materials in any way for any public or commercial purpose without the express prior written consent of David Berg and/or MMRI. You may not copy or adapt the HTML code that MMRI website uses to generate its pages on the MMRI website.

Distance Learning Policy Agreement:  By enrolling and clicking the Submit button for all Making Math Real course registrations, all participants, have read, understood, and agreed to the terms listed above, as well as the Making Math Real Terms of Use & Conditions Policies here:  https://www.makingmathreal.org/about/terms-of-use/