Dear Mr. Berg,

I have always enjoyed math. I have never tested well until this year because I tend to go random without a picture. With Making Math Real having a picture laid out for me makes it easier for me to understand. For example, when there is a poster that says to get your picture before doing anything, I would stop and think. When I have a solid picture, my accuracy gets better. In math my test average (91%) this year is much higher than last year (85%). Also, Making Math Real makes concepts a lot easier to understand. For example, it incremented exponents step by step to make it easy to understand.

Starting in 8th grade this August, I will be in Algebra. This is the first time I have ever been placed in an advanced class. I will continue to use Making Math Real for the rest of middle school and my high school years. Without Making Math Real, I would probably have never had a chance to be in the advanced class. I would probably not know that I am good at math.

Thank you for creating Making Math Real. It helps me everyday. I realized I have to have a picture in everything I do all the time!


7th Grade
Ralston Middle School