A Barrage of Goodness: MMR Changing Lives

An Invitation to Share

In reflecting back over the 20 years since I decided to go public with the MMR methods I had created, the most outstanding, consistent, and singular result has been the unsolicited responses from all of you sharing your excitement, passion, and deep reward in having changed the lives of your students/children, their families, and yours, too.

Effecting positive change has always been at the forefront of the MMRI’s mission and vision and is the entire reason I am so unrelentingly vigilant in protecting the integrity that is MMR. During these difficult times, I feel the most we can contribute is the goodness we do each day; and in the name of MMR, I would like to contribute a barrage of goodness. Therefore, in celebration of the 20 years of service in providing positive change, I am inviting you to share with us at the MMRI any and all stories you would like to contribute to the Barrage of Goodness Campaign.

Your stories need not include any identifying information of your students or yourselves, (unless you want to) just expressions of positive change through your provision of MMR that you have observed in your students/children, their families and in yourselves as well. No story is too big or too small. These can be in any format and any length, and it is my intent to publish every one of these that come in now and into the future in its own section on the website.

Hopefully, over time, we will have collected a great volume of goodness to share with the rest of the world, comprised entirely of your authentic stories of changing lives. I look forward to hearing from all of you.

David Berg, ET
Founder & Director, Making Math Real Institute

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