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Professional Development for Schools and Districts in Northern California

Did you know Making Math Real is the best professional development for successfully meeting the mathematics Common Core state standards?
Let Making Math Real Help You.

We Will Tailor Our On-Site Professional Development Seminars to Fit Your Needs:

  • Emphasis on integrating concept comprehension with ALL respective procedures
  • Multisensory structured and hands-on grades k-5
  • Systematic, incremental, and connected for grades 6-12
  • Intensively developmental and structured for the full diversity of processing styles
  • Direct and immediate applications for RTI tiers 1, 2, and 3

It’s the TEACHING that ensures success, not the program.  You, the educator are the KEY to your students’ success.

The following on-site professional development information is presented in a general format from which Making Math Real (MMR) can be prescriptive to the needs of any specific educational entity in the Northern California region.  The structure of the following professional development plan is based on a long-term, Orton-Gillingham–style approach wherein the focus is to provide content and ongoing support for the teachers and sustainability for the school/district.  Read more about MMR’S On-Site Professional Development Model.

If your school/district does not reside in the Northern California region, we still want to hear from you!  Please submit your request to for consideration.

The intensive and comprehensive Making Math Real On-Site Professional Development for educators fosters the understanding and practice that it’s the teaching, not the program that ensures successful learning.  The challenges and rigors of effective teaching are never solved through programmatic solutions – if only teaching were that easy.  Making Math Real Professional Development is not a replacement for any adopted curriculum, rather it provides the essential structure for teachers to meet the educational needs of all students, special needs through accelerated, regardless of the textbook or program.

The Making Math Real On-Site Professional Development is designed to front-load teachers with the content methodologies, then provide follow-up in class demonstrations and coaching.  The culminating integration is the prescriptive design of scopes and sequences and assessments.

“Over the past 3 years, Making Math Real has helped our school’s teachers and students develop a passion for mathematics.  It has gone from a feared subject to one of the most creative and exciting at the school.  Their professional development, consultation, and in-class modeling have been invaluable in creating the capacity in the staff to actually TEACH mathematics, rather than merely assign it.”
—Elementary School Principal

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The Making Math Real: Overview, K-12
All professional development starts with the Making Math Real: Overview, K-12, 2-day course.

Goals and Outcomes:
The goal of the Making Math Real: Overview, K-12 course is to provide the educator with the essential pedagogical foundation and research basis that support the Making Math Real multisensory structured methodology.

The outcome is to ensure that the district, school or educator is fully independent in providing and maintaining a comprehensive multi sensory structured methodology in mathematics.

Note: The Making Math Real: Overview, K-12 is the mandatory prerequisite for all continuing professional development, and prepares the educator to maximize the integration of the Making Math Real: Content Methodologies, K-12.

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Making Math Real: Content Methodologies K-12
The mandatory prerequisite for Content Methodologies Courses K-12, is the Making Math Real: Overview, K-12 course.

Goals and Outcomes:
The goal is to provide educators with complete concept-procedure integration for all math content K-12.

The outcome is for the educator to learn systematic, incremental, and comprehensive multisensory structured methodologies to make all teaching prescriptive and to empower educators to guarantee success in mathematics for all students.

The focus of the Content Methodologies K-12, is to develop a deep understanding of the concepts and procedures that drive all instruction and learning.  The overarching goal of Making Math Real is to develop numeracy for all students.  Numeracy means being literate with mathematics.  Literacy means reading for comprehension, critical interaction with the literature, and the ability to generalize.  The Content Methodologies K-12, will show educators precisely how to turn all mathematics into “reading comprehension” thereby helping students to interact critically with the mathematics.  Students are successful because they understand and know what they are doing rather than attempting to memorize rote procedures.  The multisensory structured hands-on nature of these methods support the integration of the mathematics, thereby maximizing retention and cognitive development.  The cornerstone of the Content Methodologies K-12, is helping educators understand that it’s the teaching, not the program that ensures successful learning.

Menu of Courses

School sites can contract any or all of the following courses that provide over 520 hours of seminar content.  Due to extremely intensive coverage, all courses are designed to be eight-hour instructional days (with a 1 hour lunch break).

  • Making Math Real: The 4 Operations & The 400 Math Facts [12-Days]
    The essential foundation which generates all future successful mathematical processing.
  • Making Math Real: Fractions, Decimals & Advanced Place Value [12-Days]
    The crucial bridge from elementary mathematics to algebraic processing.
  • Making Math Real: Pre-Algebra  [10-Days]
    The fundamental transition and introduction to the integration of algebraic law.
  • Making Math Real: Algebra I  [10-Days)]
    Comprehensive and systematic incrementation to develop full integration of algebraic processing and problem solving.
  • Making Math Real: Kindergarten  [4-Days]
    The complete scope and sequence for kindergarten.
  • Making Math Real: The 9 Lines Intensive  [3-Days]
    Intensive daily practice and application of the 9 Lines mental organizing system to develop automaticity with the multiplication facts and symbol imaging.
  • Making Math Real: Time & Money  [4-Days]
    Complete structure and incrementation for teaching all problem solving and applications for time and money.
  • Making Math Real: Games!  [2-Days]
    Make, play, and take high-interest indoor and outdoor games for prescriptive practice and on-point development.

*** Additional high school courses available by special request:  Geometry Part I and Part II, Algebra II / Trigonometry.  These courses are available after contracting Making Math Real: Algebra.

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Custom Professional Development
The mandatory prerequisites for the Custom Professional Development are the Making Math Real: Overview, K-12, and Content Methodology Courses K-12.  However, it is possible to begin the Custom Professional Development after the completion of one or more Content Methodology Courses K-12.

Goals and Outcomes:
The goal of the Custom Professional Development is to support and maximize the educator’s ability to teach the methods provided in the Content Methodology Courses K-12.

The outcome is to ensure that the district, school or educator is fully independent in providing and maintaining a comprehensive multisensory structured program in mathematics.

The Custom Professional Development can be tailored to fit the specific needs of any and all educational entities, and provides the most highly specialized training and integration of the Making Math Real methodologies through on-site follow-up support.

The specialized follow-up support may require a commitment to a multi-year plan that may include any and all of the following:

  • in-class demonstrations
  • extended in-class demonstrations: “A Week in the Life”
  • cognitive coaching
  • curriculum planning
  • standardized test preparation
  • developing authentic assessments
  • grade level and school-wide standards-based scopes & sequences
  • articulation through all grade levels
  • home-school connection

In addition, this Custom Professional Development training can include all aspects of classroom teaching: whole-class and small group instruction, daily warm-ups, test prep, homework, centers, before/after school support, and differentiated instruction systems that focus on meeting the needs of all students.

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How to Contract with Making Math Real:
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