Making Math Real: Time and Money

Making Math Real: Time and Money

2-Day Course  |  9:00am to 5:00pm daily
Registration Fee:  $349 for tuition & course reader
1.5 optional academic units  
[see below]


COURSE REQUIREMENT:   All students who enroll in this course must have taken the Making Math Real: Overview.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Spend two days learning to successfully teach your students to tell time and work with money using Making Math Real multisensory structured methods.

Topics include highly effective methods for teaching the acquisition of modifying and utilizing appropriate manipulatives for both teaching time and money.  The “Time” unit will include multisensory instruction for telling time to the hour, half-hour and minute as well as word problem applications for both time and money. Instruction for the “Money” unit will include strategies to support students memory for identifying coins and values, and counting mixed coins systematically.

These techniques are designed to reach the full diversity of learning styles.  Extensive color-coding is a critical element of the structure. Please bring 4 colored markers or pencils in blue, green, red and black.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This course is only offered once per year, every February, so don’t miss out!


Optional Academic Credit Costs & Registration:  Optional units of credit are available for each course at the low cost of $89 per unit, paid directly to CSUEB Continuing Education. Credit registration forms, payment instructions, and the grading policy will be provided on the first day of class. All credit registration forms must be submitted with payment to the MMR instructor by the end of each course. No exceptions.

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