Making Math Real: The 9 Lines Intensive

Making Math Real: The 9 Lines Intensive

3-Day Course  |  9:00am to 5:00pm daily
Registration Fee:  $524 for tuition & course reader
2.5 optional academic units  
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COURSE REQUIREMENT:   All students who enroll in this course must have taken the Making Math Real: Overview.

Newly Expanded to 3 days!
To help you get the most out this powerful strategy, we have expanded the 9 Lines Intensive to three days.  In addition to receiving more time to learn and practice the 9 Lines, the extra day allows for an extensive presentation, of games, practice, and applications to deepen the development of symbol imaging and strengthen the applications of the multiplication facts.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  Get the most out of the 9 Lines Intensive
The 9 Lines Multiplication Facts Acquisition and Application Strategy is an integral part of all the major MMR seminars, The 4 Operations and the 400 Math Facts; Fractions, Decimals, and Advanced Place Value; Pre-Algebra; and Algebra.  Therefore, it is a significant benefit to all participants to have completed the 9 Lines Intensive course prior to taking the other major MMR seminars.

 This is the one and only Making Math Real course for learning and applying the 9 Lines symbol imaging mental organizer for developing automaticity with the multiplication facts.  The 9 Lines is the most crucial Making Math Real unifying system for connecting elementary content to higher-level mathematics through algebra and calculus.  This course provides the most comprehensive instructional coverage for acquiring the specific language, sequencing, assessment points, applied practice, and daily maintenance for correctly and successfully applying the 9 Lines.

This essential course for parents and educators is a comprehensive, in-depth investigation that shows how to maximize the success of the 9 Lines© strategy and to integrate it into the daily classroom or home experience. Course participants will learn how to use the 9 Lines mental organizer in direct application to multiplication, division, fractions, number theory, whole number factoring and factoring polynomials.  The 9 Lines mental organizer is a key component within the structure of mathematics that spans elementary through algebraic development. In addition to symbol imaging development, The 9 Lines strategy goes far beyond the multiplication facts.  It is a crucial mental organizer designed to image and connect lowest terms, equivalent fractions and greatest common factor.

Topics include learning the precise structure and language for imaging the 9 Lines, daily maintenance and re-imaging, special cases for imaging, multiple ways to interact with the 9 Lines, condensed versions for re-imaging, whole number factoring strategies and applications, lowest terms, equivalent fractions and greatest common factor, and developing synthesis through high-interest games.

These techniques are designed to reach the full diversity of learning styles.  Extensive color-coding is a critical element of the program. Please bring 4 colored markers or pencils in blue, green, red and black.

Optional Academic Credit Costs & Registration
Optional units of credit are available for each course at the low cost of $89 per unit, paid directly to CSUEB Continuing Education. Credit registration forms, payment instructions, and the grading policy will be provided on the first day of class. All credit registration forms must be submitted with payment to the MMR instructor by the end of each course. No exceptions.

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