List of Prerequisites

List of Prerequisites

The Making Math Real: Overview is the required prerequisite for all MMR content courses. Once the Overview has been completed, the following MMR courses can be taken at any time:

The following MMR content courses have additional mandatory prerequisites:

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Strongly Recommended

Although the following courses are not required prerequisites, to maximize your time and content integration, it is strongly recommended to complete The 9 Lines Intensive prior to The 4 Operations and the 400 Math Facts and/or Fractions, Decimals, and Advanced Place Value as the 9 Lines methodology provides significant basis for the content in these courses. However, it is possible to complete The 9 Lines Intensive at a later time.

For Geometry Parts I and II, it is strongly recommended to have completed The 9 Lines Intensive and Kindergarten prior to enrolling in either Geometry Part I or Geometry Part II. The synthesis nature of geometry requires access to all the content from all relevant preceding Making Math Real courses.