Making Math Real: Algebra

Making Math Real: Algebra

10-Day Course  |  9:00am to 5:00pm daily
Registration Fee:  $1749 for tuition & course reader
8 optional academic units
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COURSE REQUIREMENTS:   To enroll in Algebra, participants must have successfully completed the Making Math Real: Pre-Algebra, OR one of these older courses entitled:
-Making Math Real: Pre-Algebra & Algebra
-Making Math Real Part III
-Making Pre-Algebra and Algebra Real

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Continuing the development from Making Math Real: Pre-Algebra, this course will complete the remaining components that comprise the full integration of algebraic law.  All of the content in pre-algebra and algebra is about providing students with the integration of algebraic problem solving tools for direct application in higher-level mathematics, specifically, algebra 2, trigonometry, pre-calculus (math analysis), and calculus.  The key to the successful integration of algebraic law is providing instruction in a systematic incremental structure where each current activity builds the tools for the next; and each next activity adds one new element.  Therefore, course emphasis is on the content, sequence, and methods of instruction that support this integrity of incrementation.  Additional focus is on re-connecting all of the mathematics to its scientific basis, thereby helping students understand the direct meaning of all of the math codes that support maximum comprehension and successful application.  The innovative, multisensory structured strategies of this course are designed to support successful processing for all learners, and continue the multisensory structured methodologies of the K-5 Making Math Real development.

Topics include full units on exponents and scientific notation, solving equations in one and two variables, polynomials, functions and relations, solving compound inequalities, solving absolute value equations and inequalities, factoring polynomials, radical expressions and equations, rational expressions and equations, linear graphing, systems of equations and inequalities, and algebraic word problem solving.

This course is designed for educational therapists, special educators, and elementary, secondary, and community college teachers. Parents and those who consider themselves non-math majors are especially encouraged to enroll. Prior knowledge of algebra is not required.  These techniques are designed to reach the full diversity of learning styles.  Extensive color-coding is a critical element of the program. Please bring 4 colored ball point pens or pencils in blue, green, red and black.

Optional Academic Credit Costs & Registration
Optional units of credit are available for each course at the low cost of $89 per unit, paid directly to CSUEB Continuing Education. Credit registration forms, payment instructions, and the grading policy will be provided on the first day of class. All credit registration forms must be submitted with payment to the MMR instructor by the end of each course. No exceptions.

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