Institute Course Descriptions

Institute Course Descriptions

It’s the TEACHING that ensures success, not the program.  You, the educator are the KEY to your students’ success.

The Making Math Real professional development course series for parents and educators provides simplified, comprehensive foundations for practical, systematic, and multisensory, structured methods in basic mathematics that is aligned with the California Common Core State Standards.  Making Math Real is incrementally developmental, in which each new development follows directly from the content that precedes it.  Course participants learn to break math down to its concrete, core elements using hands-on manipulatives-based activities demonstrated by the instructor.  Innovative course materials are included in the registration fee of every offering.

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Optional units of credit are available for each course at the low cost of $89 per unit, paid directly to California State University East Bay Continuing Education, on the first day of class.

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Making Math Real:  Overview, K-12
The Overview will provide the pedagogical foundations and practical applications of implementing and maintaining a comprehensive and fully structured multisensory, manipulatives-based methodology in mathematics for pre-K through calculus. Come and learn how and why this multisensory structured approach is powerful, successful, unique, and entirely different from the way math has been traditionally taught.

Making Math Real:  The 9 Lines Intensive
This essential course for parents and educators is a comprehensive, in-depth investigation that shows how to maximize the success of the 9 Lines strategy and to integrate it into the daily classroom or home experience.

Making Math Real:  The 4 Operations & The 400 Math Facts
This course provides the essential foundation upon which all mathematics will develop: the 4 operations and the 400 math facts. These are the basis for cognitive development K-5, and all mathematical applications through algebra and beyond.

Making Math Real:  Fractions, Decimals & Advanced Place Value
Fractions and their related applications are required tools for successful mathematical processing through calculus. This course will provide you with effective, hands-on strategies that finally make fractions, decimals, and advanced place value meaningful and accessible for all students.

Making Math Real:  Pre-Algebra
This 10-day course continues the sequence from the Making Math Real Overview, 4 Operations & the 400 Math Facts, and Fractions, Decimals & Advanced Place Value courses, and provides the essential development for meeting the challenges of transitioning students from elementary math to algebra. Prior knowledge of algebra is not required.

Making Math Real:  Algebra
This 10-day course continues the development from Making Math Real: Pre-Algebra and will complete the remaining components that comprise the full integration of algebraic law. All of the content in pre-algebra and algebra is about providing students with the integration of algebraic problem solving tools for direct application in higher-level mathematics, specifically, algebra 2, trigonometry, pre-calculus (math analysis), and calculus.

Making Math Real: Geometry Part I
This course provides the comprehensive, simultaneous multisensory structured methods for introducing and teaching the concepts and applications of geometry for grades K-8. The developmental purpose of the content of Geometry Part I is to prepare students for the perceptual demands of high school geometry, most specifically for solving deductive proofs. Whether in second grade or in middle school, students need structured support from their teachers to help them become perceptually ready for success with any geometry unit or lesson. In Making Math Real: Geometry Part I, participants will be provided with the specific, simultaneous multisensory structured incrementation to help students perceptually prepare for the unique cognitive demands of geometry, whether for teaching metric units, how to read the ruler, or how to understand finding the area of a trapezoid, and much, much more.

Making Math Real: Geometry Part II
This course continues the development from Making Math Real: Geometry Part I for Elementary and Middle School and provides the comprehensive, simultaneous multisensory structured methods for teaching high school level geometry. Geometry is the mathematics of synthesis, and the focus of this course is on providing students with the requisite perceptual developments that enable synthesizing partially given information into a complete big picture. This means that within each unit, the structures for teaching all the content include the perceptual incrementation necessary for synthesizing part to whole in all the geometry content, especially for completing deductive proofs.

Making Math Real:  Time and Money
Spend two days learning to successfully teach your students to tell time and work with money using Making Math Real multisensory structured methods.

Making Math Real:  Kindergarten
This foundational course provides a 4-day intensive focus on the comprehensive scope and sequence for Kindergarten and the earliest developments of number sense. This seminar is important for Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade teachers.

Making Math Real:  Games!
Join Making Math Real for one of the most popular make & take courses. Spend two days having fun learning to make, apply and play high interest games to support the multisensory structured methods of Making Math Real.

Annual Summer Institute
Every year Making Math Real offers select courses from the professional development series for parents and educators during its Annual Summer Institute. The compact scheduling and consecutive order of the courses is ideal for parents and educators from out-of-town or local to the San Francisco Bay Area to enroll in any or all of the courses in the series.

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Making Math Real courses are especially designed for ALL of the following:

  • Parents
  • Educational Therapists and Learning Specialists
  • Special Educators
  • Elementary, Secondary & Community College Teachers
  • College and University Professors
  • Tutors and Instructional Assistants

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Courses for parents and educators are offered in Berkeley, CA throughout the academic year (on weekends), and in Oakland, CA every summer at the Annual Summer Institute (on weekdays).  Optional units of credit are available for each course at the low cost of $89 per unit, paid directly to CSUEB Continuing Education.


DON’T RESIDE IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA?  Please visit Professional Development for Schools and Districts for information about bringing Making Math Real courses to your region!

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