CSUEB Continuing Education

Academic Units Available for All MMR Courses


Take Advantage of Academic Units Through Cal State East Bay Continuing Education

Academic Units Available for ALL MMR Courses:

  • All 2-day courses: 1 semester academic units
  • All 3- and 4-day courses: 2 semester academic units
  • All 6-day courses: 3 semester academic units
  • All 10-day courses: 5 semester academic units
  • All 12-day courses: 6 semester academic units

Credit Costs & Registration

Optional units of credit are available for each course at the low cost of $134 per unit, paid directly to CSUEB Continuing Education, on the last day of every course. Credit registration forms, payment instructions, and the grading policy will be provided on the first day of class. All credit registration forms must be submitted with payment to the MMR instructor by the end of each course. No exceptions.