Introductory Video

An Introduction to Making Math Real on YouTube

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 12.47.37 PMMaking Math Real: An Introduction to the Overview
 is a 90-minute, 17-chapter video that provides simplified, comprehensive foundations for a practical, systematic, multisensory, structured program in basic mathematics aligned with the California state standards. Making Math Real is designed for educational therapists, special educators, elementary and secondary classroom teachers, and especially parents. Viewers will preview how to learn to break math down to its concrete, core elements using hands-on, manipulatives-based activities demonstrated by David Berg, E.T., Creator of the Making Math Real Multisensory Structured Methods and founder and director of the Making Math Real Institute.

The emphasis of this overview is on concept-procedure integration and sensory-cognitive development, the two principal strands essential for understanding and implementing the Making Math Real methodologies. Viewers will learn multisensory, structured techniques that guide students from the concrete to the abstract, thus helping them build essential development as they link their concrete experience to the symbolic notation of math rather than rely on rote memorization or tricks.


Additional focus of this video is on developing symbol imaging, the principle sensory-cognitive tool for learning and retaining the math facts.  Symbol imaging is the sensory-cognitive ability to perceive, store and retrieve sequences of numerical symbols.  Viewers will see a full chapter dedicated to the 9 Lines©, the most powerful multisensory strategy for learning and retaining multiplication facts.  The 9 Lines strategy is an engaging, fast-paced activity that develops symbol imaging and is easy for teachers (and parents) to implement effectively and immediately.  The successful development of symbol imaging is one of the main components for getting students off their fingers and learning their multiplication facts with automaticity.

This introductory video is a helpful resource for:

  • educators and parents who want to help their struggling student with the multiplication facts
  • administrators, educators and parents, to introduce faculty and staff to the program  parents to share the importance of multisensory, structured techniques with their child’s teacher, tutor, or parent organizations
  • educators to inspire colleagues about successful teaching methods that reach all students
  • all participants to revisit and refresh the content from the 2-day Overview course

IMPORTANT NOTE: This 90 minute video does not replace the 2-day Overview course as a mandatory prerequisite for taking all other Making Math Real courses through the Making Math Real Institute.