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The New Paradigm in Mathematics Education: A Multisensory Structured Professional Development Program to Reach the Full Diversity of Learners, K-12

Making Math Real is a comprehensive professional development program for all parents, educators and educational institutions.  Since 1996, Making Math Real is the original and unprecedented multisensory structured training model that provides intensive development in mathematics for students of all processing styles, pre-K through calculus. 

  • The Focus of Making Math Real is the integration of key cognitive development with comprehensive knowledge of mathematics for all learners.
  • The Design of Making Math Real is to embed this integration into every lesson and activity.
  • The Purpose of Making Math Real is to provide this developmental integration for the full diversity of processing styles.

New Articles By Founder & Director David Berg:

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FREE Seminar For Parents & Educators
May 9, 2015; Berkeley, CA
Parents and educators are invited to this dynamic and innovative FREE seminar, "Addressing the Common Core State Standards: Defensive Learning In The Age Of Acceptable Loss," presented by David Berg, educational therapist and founder/director of the Making Math Real Institute.
Making Math Real: Games!
May 16-17, 2015; Berkeley, CA
Making Math Real: Overview
June 22-23, 2015; Oakland, CA


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